Flag Ceremony

Boone County 4H/FFA Horse Show 2011

Use the tabs on the left to view the pictures. Each tab will present thumbnails along the bottom (which can be scrolled left and right with the arrow buttons). Clicking on a thumbnail will display the image in the window above the thumbnails. Clicking on that image will display an even larger version. Each image has a number on the bottom of it, and these are what you use to order the shots you would like. Please note the tab, and the shot number for each shot you would like prints of.

Prints are available in a variety of sizes (below). The indicated prices include sales tax and shipping. Prints 8" x 10" and smaller will be shipped flat, larger prints may be shipped rolled in a tube. Prints will all come individually sealed in a clear plastic envelope with a cardboard backing. All prints are guaranteed indefinitely against fading, yellowing or other degradation. They should last decades under normal display conditions. If you would like any lettering on the print, please let me know what you would like it to say, what color you would like it, and where on the shot you would like it (e.g., "bottom center").

Once you have selected the shots you want, and the quantity and sizes of prints, please send me an e-mail at art@artsmithphotography.com with that information (shot number(s), quantity(s), size(s), and any optional text or special editing instructions. I will have the prints out to you within one week of your order, along with an invoice. You may pay by check, or by providing credit/debit card information once you receive the invoice.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, by e-mail or by phone (573-424-8486).

4" x 5"$ 7.00
4" x 6"$ 8.00
5" x 7"$ 10.00
8" x 10"$ 20.00
11" x 14"$ 40.00
16" x 20"$ 65.00
8 wallets$ 20.00
Wallets (2½" x 3½") can be mixed shots, but must be ordered in sets of eight.
I don't recommend prints larger than 8" x 10" for arena shots (5" x7" for the Friday night games), due to the lower quality of the shots because of distance and low light.